Undercover cop watches over Prime Minister Theresa May and Philip armed with a Taser as they attend Christmas service

Mrs May attended St Andrew’s Church in Sonning, Berkshire in her Maidenhead constituency with her husband Philip.

She was dressed in a stylish purple pencil dress, a silk scarf, a long blue jacket and black heels from luxury British shoe shop Russell and Bromley.

Mrs May is the daughter a Church of England vicar, the Rev Hubert Brasier, and regularly attends services. TheSun.co.uk


Bitcoin Enjoys End of Year Price Surge

The value of the Bitcoin virtual currency has hit a three-year high with each one now worth about $900 (£730).

At the start of 2016, single coins were only worth around $435 but their value has climbed steadily all year.

The steady upward progress has continued despite regular hack attacks on virtual currency exchanges in which coins have been stolen.

Experts said the rise in value was linked to the long-term depreciation of the Chinese Yuan. bbc.com

US company deploys technology to enable ‘UP Dial 100’ initiative

US-based communications solutions provider Avaya has implemented ‘UP Dial 100’ program with the Uttar Pradesh Police that helps the latter to transform its call centre response management.

The company is also currently working with the Madhya Pradesh Police Dial 100 project as well as on emergency health response system and citizen security services in various Indian states.

Avaya leads in the police emergency ‘Dial 100’ where we have approximately won more than 70% of the request for proposals (RFP) on the city or state basis, a company spokesperson told ET. GadgetsNow.com

All You Need To Know About The Emotional Roadshow Tour 2017

Twenty One Pilots

Starting straight from Columbus, Ohio the dynamic duo has conquered the hearts and souls of millions of fans from all over the world. Twenty One Pilots is one of the few bands whose performance only got better after core members left the group. Chris Salih and Nick Thomas were successfully replaced by Josh Dun giving us the team of Tyler and Josh and that’s the way we love our pilots.

Blurryface, the album that has earned colossal recognition for the group is one of the most downloaded music hits of 2015-2016. Their tout to support in, that kicked off at May 31, 2016 in Cincinnati was even a greater hit. HighStuff.com

Cybercrime Success: Most Businesses Infected with Ransomware Have Paid Ransom

IBM Security this week revealed results from a study finding 70 percent of businesses infected with ransomware have paid ransom to regain access to business data and systems.

In comparison, over 50 percent of consumers surveyed said they would not pay to regain access back to personal data or devices (aside from financial data), according to the IBM X-Force study, “Ransomware: How Consumers and Businesses Value Their Data.” TechVibes.com

Facebook’s Plan to Tackle Fake News Raises Questions over Limitations

Facebook’s plan for combating fake news is a response to mounting criticism over the spread of misinformation, particularly during the presidential election.

Facebook’s new effort to flag news deemed to be “fake” began on Friday, as new questions emerged about the limitations of the system the social media giant has put in place to outsource the fact-checking process.

The tech company’s decision to swiftly test a system to identify fraudulent news stories has won plaudits from fact-checking experts, including some involved in the project. theguardian.com

Steel Building Kit Solutions

Steel Building Kit Solutions

Single wide, double, or vintage, a mobile or manufactured home has all the comforts you design into it. But, over time, you might find it short on storage space, especially if you have children, multiple vehicles, livestock, workshop hobbies, or livestock. A steel building kit can do much more than satisfy your need for space.

Mobile housing placed in rural settings has the land to add square footage for work and pleasure. And, manufactured homes settled into mobile parks could also use the expanded footprint. Even Warren Buffet has been bullish on mobile home parks. highstuff.com

Do You Need a Degree to Become a Billionaire?

Become a Billionaire

There are very few billionaires in the world relative to the global population, but their combined wealth accounts for a net worth of around $7 trillion. That’s pretty good going!
Of course, it’s not that easy to become a billionaire. People like Mark Zuckerberg and Bill Gates make it look easy, but the reality is that they were incredibly lucky, as well as being very talented at what they do. It takes a special type of person to become a billionaire, but the question here is whether you need a degree to hit the heady heights of financial freedom. www.highstuff.com

Tips on How to Make Better Business Decisions

Business Decision Maker

Are you a confident decision maker who always knows what’s best for your business? Unfortunately, many business owners think they are great decision makers, but they often fall short of the mark. This can have serious consequences for everyone involved in your business and consistently making poor decisions could destroy your company. Below are some tips that will help you make better business decisions. highstuff.com

Easy ways to install and discover apps with Aptoide

Easy ways to install and discover apps with Aptoide

The advent of Smartphones that has opened the world to unlimited possibilities has further led to massive downloading of mobile applications for different purposes, be it utilities, news, entertainment, lifestyle, productivity, games or social networking.

With eight million mobile app users in India, and a plethora of apps at our disposal, discovering apps that are best suited to our needs and guarantee safe, easy and exciting installation seems like an uphill task in today’s day and age. Tech2.com